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Topic: Lag when playing notes

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    Lag when playing notes

    I just got GPO4 and I'm trying to get it all figured out ... I connect my Yamaha CP33 to my computer by USB; however, when I play notes on the keyboard, there is a half second delay before it sounds on my computer. How can I get it to play at the same time? (this throws off my playing when I'm trying to record, because the noise comes when I'm already playing later notes).

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    Re: Lag when playing notes

    The lag is most probably coming from your soundcard. The driver is the cause. Try downloading one of the free drivers like ASIO4ALL. The Microsoft driver can have a delay of 400 ms, ASIO4ALL will get it down to much less. I have a dedicated sound card and its driver has a delay of 6 ms. There are no doubt other drivers available
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    Re: Lag when playing notes

    The delay is controlled by your asio setting, which is probably controlled by the software you are using. Using Sonar, it is possible, but not advisable to reduce delay to 0. My experience tells me that for playing live, 5 ms is the least delay that works well. For playback, much longer delay becomes necessary, and for this, I use 50 or 60 ms delay. For a dense score with many instruments, you may need more.

    Organ players may not find the delay an inconvenience, as it approximates the acoustical conditions of many large churches. I always found it a problem.


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