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Topic: problems converting Akai

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    problems converting Akai

    I enter as an upstart and with great respect to you all! Recently I purchased \"Church Organs\" in the Akai foremat, and am as happy as a church mouse in a cathedral. Some of the samples convert quite well (although a semi-tone off,easily tuned ) Some of the samples sound semi tones together, or the octave is off by a semi tone, others no problem. Also, when I retune the samples,can I \"save\" the retuning in my sample library? Hope that this is not \"dumb\". My thanks to you!

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    Re: problems converting Akai

    If you want to PERMANENTLY retune a whole instrument or even just a single region (which might contain a single sample ie note), you use the GS Editor which allows you to modify stuff and then save it - either over the original, or \'save as\' to a new location.

    If you use the tune slider in the midi mixer, it changes the tuning of the whole insrument - but only in that performance. If you lod the same sound up in a different performance its tuning will be at 00 again (we all hope).

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