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Topic: ultra cheap gigs from gigasampler.ru ????

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    ultra cheap gigs from gigasampler.ru ????

    I found the site gigasampler.ru and they offer giga cds at what seems like incredibly low prices.Does anybody know anything about these libraries?Are they total garbage?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

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    Re: ultra cheap gigs from gigasampler.ru ????

    Sure looks like pirated stuff to me.

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    Re: ultra cheap gigs from gigasampler.ru ????

    Don\'t know, they have been around for a while, wich isn\'t a guarantee for they being legitimite. It\'s extremly hard to do anything about sites offering stolen stuff, specially if they are located in Russia. It\'s not that easy to get cooperation from the local authorities, I know about \"companies\" that openly declares that they sell pirated software/samplecd\'s. They often hide behind a lame excuse that\'s about \"offering evaluation copies to people who can\'t pay the outrageous prices that the money-hungry SW-developers take for the products\".
    In my opinion that\'s a lot of BS since what they do is actually to profit on other peoples hard work.

    I can\'t say anything about gigasampler.ru, but I\'m sure that the guys behind it are reading this forum, maybe they can come forward and explain what\'s on their cd\'s. I don\'t think that one should mistrust someone that has an url ending with .ru, but I must be excused for being a bit suspisous.

    So, gigasampler.ru-people: Let\'s hear what it is your selling! Let\'s hope it\'s not ripped AKAI samples or anything else that are copyrighted, because that would make not only the people behind gigasampler.ru criminals, but also the people that buys from them.

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    Re: ultra cheap gigs from gigasampler.ru ????

    Curious, as well, I contacted the site by e-mail and was told that the man who ran it died last month.

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    Re: ultra cheap gigs from gigasampler.ru ????

    It\'s pretty obvious.

    Anyone recognise these - pasted from the Gigasampler.ru webpage? I do. Maybe it\'s only the names and number of CDs which make up the library which seem similar.......

    GIG Symphony of Voices - vol.1
    GIG Symphony of Voices - vol.2
    Male and Female voice-choirs. Stereo. Looped.
    Unbelievable quality!
    GIG Symphony of Voices - vol.3
    GIG Symphony of Voices - vol.4
    GIG Symphony of Voices - vol.5
    GIG Symphony of Voices - vol.6
    London Choirs, Gregorian Choir, Boys Choir
    GIG Symphony of Voices - vol.7
    GIG Symphony of Voices - vol.8
    More classical choirs and choirs recorded with the different effects.
    GIG Spectral Electro Vox -vol.1
    GIG Spectral Electro Vox -vol.2
    492 samples. Voice-effects, phrases, mouth-percussion.

    GIG Distorted Reality
    Ambient, \"space\", \"industrial\" sounds. Good and large sound collection.

    GIG Hollywood FX vol.1
    GIG Hollywood FX vol.2
    GIG Hollywood FX vol.3
    Great Hollywood-style FX collection. Very many special effects from movies and real life.

    GIG Advanced Symphonic Orchestra vol.1
    GIG Advanced Symphonic Orchestra vol.2
    GIG Advanced Symphonic Orchestra vol.3
    GIG Advanced Symphonic Orchestra vol.4

    Advanced Symphonic Orchestra - complete orchestral kit (bassoons, brass,
    contrabass, clarinets, flutes, harps, horns, oboes, strings, trombones, trumpets,
    tubas, violins, violin-alts, celloes, percussions etc.)

    GIG Moroder vol.1
    GIG Moroder vol.2
    GIG Moroder vol.3

    ARP-2600, Moog-Modulator, MultiMoog, Moog-Taurus, Oscar, Juno-60, Oberheim-4, Prophet-5, Korg, Jupiter-8, PPG-2.3, TB-303.
    The most complete collection of Drum machines. Very good for \"DISCO-style\" music creation.

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    Re: ultra cheap gigs from gigasampler.ru ????

    Yes they are pirated
    And I tried it knowing that
    Figuring OK as a good sampler (demo)
    If I really like it I\'ll buy legit
    What loss?
    Of course your not gonna use it in composition and distribute
    Well mostly they\'re largely imperfect translations from AKAI like the synphony of voices
    Some files missing occasionally
    Strangely a few files sound similar (no change)
    All files seem oddly quite
    Altering to 6 dB up not enough
    Mostly not too bad
    For $8.00 each plus $25 Western Union per order and shipping
    Was great as a preview
    Now the guy is dead
    A person close to the family takes over
    It\'s anybodies guess
    I found the former to be reliable
    Might try a small order
    But remember THIS
    You don\'t ever want to make the mistake of including even a fraction of these in your music
    Only to preview
    And I know there are alot of self righteous Giga users out there who can afford to sling $400 or more no prob and think me aweful
    But for me this experience was a revelation
    I bought up a few
    And now I know to be damn choosey about what I buy from anyone because the stuff so hyped is not always worth it. And at least partially that\'s what this forum is for
    All the people who want to have some certainty beyond a mere MP3 demo of what it will be like
    Yet that never tells the story of what it\'s like to use that Gig does it?
    Well you can\'t buy from that source now cause he doesn\'t know how he\'s going to do it
    Maybe later
    Can you trust him? I don\'t know
    All I\'m saying is there should be a better way to demo A time release version or whatever
    I do not condone theivery in either direction
    Or overhyping comodities
    Simplicity is beautiful
    Learn to love and use what you have
    Avoid the \" if I only had this new sound I could...\" sin drome
    Hope that helps

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