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Topic: Happy thanksgiving!

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    Happy thanksgiving!

    I know this is an international website but to all I wish a festive and thankful fall season and hope the fruits of every ones labors this past year were bountiful.

    I will be visiting relatives for the next few days and will be out of touch with the web (probably not a bad thing). So, enjoy the week and Turkey on Thursday.
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    Re: Happy thanksgiving!

    whatchoo goin' on about?
    Thanksgiving has been over for a month now!

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    Re: Happy thanksgiving!

    You need one of these QC: ! Alas, up here, the ground is covered in white, the harvest long past! (Hm, that smiley should have snow on it too!)

    But regardless, Happy Thanksgiving to our brethren in the south!
    -- Matt Wong

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    Re: Happy thanksgiving!

    A VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL. This year has been some kind of test
    for everyone in one way or another. It's time to give thanks for our blessings
    whatever they may be and to join together in the search for future happy times.

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    Re: Happy thanksgiving!

    Last year by this time, North Dakota had several feet of snow - today we have had none yet and the temperaure reached nearly 60. I am very thankful for that as well as the many things that really count in a person's life.

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