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Topic: New film scoring blog for composers and filmmakers

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    New film scoring blog for composers and filmmakers

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to let everyone know about my new blog, FilmScoring.info. I'm attaching the press release below. Please take a look and let me know if you have suggestions for future content!



    FilmScoring.info is a new blog dedicated to the art of film scoring. It covers all aspects of film music composition, from writing themes and orchestrating cues to recording and mixing. It also features links to resources for composers, tips on marketing and getting work, and reviews of books, websites and film scores.

    Seattle composer Jeff Tolbert created FilmScoring.info to provide a needed venue for both beginning and experienced composers to develop their art. “I was amazed, actually, that nothing like this existed on the Internet. There are some great Web sites for composers, but I haven’t found anything that was specifically about the music and the craft of film composition.”

    To fill the niche, Tolbert developed FilmScoring.info based on what he would have wanted as a developing composer. Tolbert has scored numerous dramatic and documentary films, and written music for both video games and advertising. He is the past president of the Seattle Composers Alliance, and has studied film scoring with award-winning composers Hummie Mann and Ron Jones.

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    Re: New film scoring blog for composers and filmmakers

    This is great info! thank you!

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    Re: New film scoring blog for composers and filmmakers

    Very nice! Enjoyed listening to 'Hiroshima' (wonderful) & the 9 minute cue - cool.

    Thank you!

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