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Topic: Why the oboe

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    Why the oboe

    I'm a principal oboist of school orchestra, and I always give A's to tune the orchestra. Why?
    I saw this question somewhere. I also wonder why it is always the oboe.


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    Re: Why the oboe

    multiple reasons:

    1) the construction of the oboe does not lend itself to retuning (ie: pulling out or adjusting slides or sections to alter the pitch),
    after absolute pitched instruments (piano, for example, which cannot be tuned "on the go"), it is the instrument that is most likely to always have the "right pitch"
    Notice that when an orchestra plays a piano concerto, they do not tune to the oboe, but to the piano.

    2) the oboe timbre is easily heard and rendered as a note to tune to

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    Re: Why the oboe

    qc's reasons are both valid, but I think it is mostly because the oboe can sustain an accurate, mid-range pitch the longest (due to the least breath expenditure).

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    Re: Why the oboe

    The oboe is a difficult instrument to tune. Remember the old adage; the only way to get two oboes in tune is to shoot one of them.

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    Re: Why the oboe

    what do you call two oboes in unison?

    a dissonance.

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    Re: Why the oboe

    Finally, I wondered why it took so long.

    Q: What is the difference between an oboe and an onion?
    A: No one cries when you chop an oboe into little pieces.


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