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Topic: Tools for finding/creating loop-points?

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    Tools for finding/creating loop-points?

    Looking for suggestions on a program/utility/function that can find good loop-points in sample files.

    About to start a small (private) sampling project, which will record and organize a large number of soundfiles the coming 1/2 weeks.

    However, one of the serious bottlenecks in the work will be creating good loop-points for sustained sounds. Manually done,this takes minimum 5 mins for 1 wav-file, and the project will end up being a few thousand files (keys, dynamic levels, alternate samples etc).

    We could really use a utility/tool that analyses each individual soundfile and finds/creates good loop-points. I tried Grabowski's Extreme Sample Converter, which does this but with a 50/50 efficiency. Alternatives would be interesting.

    Does anyone know of other such tools, or have suggestions relevant to this?
    Would be much appreciated. Thx

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    Re: Tools for finding/creating loop-points?

    Redmatica is worth checking


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    Re: Tools for finding/creating loop-points?

    Zero-X is a great program, but I think it's not in production anymore

    Arf, arf, arf...

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