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Topic: Where can I buy KORG Triton samples?

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    Where can I buy KORG Triton samples?

    Does anyone know? How much are they?



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    Re: Where can I buy KORG Triton samples?

    I mean KORG Triton sounds that I can use with GS to make it sound like the Triton.

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    Re: Where can I buy KORG Triton samples?

    I have to say I was pretty amazed at how good the strings sounded on a patch called \"Chamber Strings\" on the Trinity. Who ever sampled that patch did a really good job. They don\'t sound realistic in the upper range because they didnt sample every single note but in the low and midrange sound very nice. I did notice the amp they were being played through had its bass and treble cranked all the way up though, so that might have made them sound a little more beefier and brighter.
    The pianos on the Trinity and Triton are horrible however, but I wouldn\'t mind owning a Triton for it\'s nice palette of other sounds and colors. James Newton Howard added a Trinity or Triton along with his arsenal of sounds so that\'s got to say something good about it.

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