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Topic: Importing Akai Libraries

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    Importing Akai Libraries

    How do you import Akai into Gigastudio ?
    Easy in 1.6 Gigasampler but a little confused on this.
    Anyone interested in Virtual Grooves ? I have built a few for our inhouse library. www.soundsationalstudios.com

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    Re: Importing Akai Libraries

    You get the CD drive up in the explorer style window at the bottom of the main Gigastudio screen - the same window as the Quicksound database uses.

    The various partitions should show up in the right hand pane.

    Just double cicking on a file name should start the conversion process

    There is a third window which is for batch processing which sits below the main SConverter/Quicksound window. Unfortunately, it is easily hidden by dragging its top \'edge\' down when trying to expose more of that main sconverter window.

    You can select files non-sequentially to add the a batch which you want converted by just right clicking on them and choosing \'add to batch\'.

    Hope this makes sense.

    BTW What do you mean by \'virtual groove\'?

    good luck


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