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Topic: Afterfall: Insanity

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    Afterfall: Insanity

    Feel free to listen to my song. Music inspired by the game Afterfall: Insanity (OST MARCIN Przybyłowicz). The song is on the album "Music inspired by the game," which can be purchased from the collector's edition game Afterfall: INSANITY


    Feel free to listen!

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    Re: Afterfall: Insanity

    very cool. what'd you use for all the electronic sounds?

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    Re: Afterfall: Insanity

    Quote Originally Posted by balto View Post
    very cool. what'd you use for all the electronic sounds?
    Vst such like: Absynth, Atmosphere, SampleTank 2.5, Score FX and more more...

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    Re: Afterfall: Insanity

    This is very nice. Really like it when it kicks in at approx 1:00. The only problem I have here is that the piano's velocity layers are too high, they should be more subtle - think of a real piano player playing that part...they wouldn't be hitting the keys that hard.

    Otherwise very good!


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    Re: Afterfall: Insanity

    Thanx )

    Yes it's true. But such was the assumption.

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