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Topic: giga piano trouble....

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    giga piano trouble....

    I\'ve noticed that when I load giga piano into gigasampler and then play around with it with the sustain pedal held down, there appears to be a lot of extra noises and strange sounds happening when the samples are in its decay stage... any ideas why?

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    Re: giga piano trouble....

    If you\'re using a lot of sustain pedal, chances are you\'re needing high polyphony - which is a condition that can strain some systems and cause clicks/pops. What kind of PC do you run it on?

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    Re: giga piano trouble....


    it\'s not actually clicks/pops, the noises are more of a \"ghost echo\" or fast cutoffs... for example, if I play an C chord appregio with the sustain pedal, some notes of the c chord would echo or get cut off early when the notes are in its decay stage.

    My system spec are:

    p3 550
    256mb ram
    sb live plantium soundcard

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    Re: giga piano trouble....

    Hey joeblack,

    I have the same problem, I thought it was my keyboard going bananas! Is it those stupid echos and sudden burst of some cluster of notes you have played a while ago?

    The thing is I have this problem even when playing back smaples loaded into my hardware sampler!!!!!!

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    Re: giga piano trouble....

    I get the same problem also with Gigapiano ever since I first got it.
    I can\'t even use the full Grand, I always have to use the Light Grand because I do some fast blues licks and they delay, then come out all clustered. Maybe it\'s cause the sample is so damn big.
    As far as weird noises, the only strange noise I hear is notes B5 and C6. There is a slight bell-like tone in there.

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    Re: giga piano trouble....

    Check to make sure your only transmitting from your keyboard on one channel. Try recording the output from your keyboard into a sequencer - then check output for multiple channels. I ran into this with my Roland XP-30 and found it was transmitting on 3 channels.

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    Re: giga piano trouble....


    I thought it was my synth too, so I used my sequencer to output to channel 1, and load the giga piano to chaneel 1 and use my sequencer to trigger the gigapiano and the same problem still occours.

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    Re: giga piano trouble....

    I know the noise you\'re talking about. It\'s most noticable in the resonance version. It sounds almost like a harmonic triggered by the hammer as it comes off the string.

    It only happens on fairly short notes when you release the key. If you play the same strike and hold the key past a certain point, the artifact doesn\'t occur.

    There may be a programming trick to get around this, any ideas?

    BTW - my controller is an old Roland HP100 that only transmits on Ch 1

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    Re: giga piano trouble....

    The normal Gigapiano does have \'release\' samples which fire an extra sample when notes are played in a staccato fashion. The samples are recordings of staccato releases.

    But I think the clustering thing is just the PC not handling Gigapiano. I don\'t understand why, but it\'s one of the more \'demanding\' sounds available for Giga.

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    Re: giga piano trouble....

    I think you\'re right, Chadwick. I get unpredictable behavior in GigaPiano usually with 75 or more notes sustained (using a PII-450). Clusters of notes start to fire and misfire producing a very strange effect. My observations using pipe organ samples show degradation also, but at higher polyphony (probably because they loop and are eventually fully read into memory which, of course, GigaPiano\'s non-looped samples never can be). At about 100 sustained notes the sound quality is noticeably declining. By the time I get to 120 notes there is a pronounced \"phasing\" effect (not unlike the \"dirt\" you can hear sustaining a glissando in GigaPiano). If you think about it, there\'s an awful lot going on with that many files being played back and summed at once. I suspect it\'s the hardware as Chadwick says--but I wonder also if the software itself may be designed to sacrifice quality of sound for quantity of notes.

    Here\'s another observation: I made a relatively close-up stereo recording of a pipe organ trumpet (every note). I recorded each note for sampling purposes and also played some musical passages with the same mic placement for testing purposes. I chopped the notes up into samples and even made release samples for them. Results: individual notes sound, for all intents and purposes, the same as the original samples; yet my recorded musical exerpts sound much better than the same music captured from the sampler. Perhaps this is a phenomenon of acoustical vs. electrical tonal mixing or perhaps it is limitations of Giga or the computer hardware. Or, maybe it\'s operator error. :-) Opinions?


    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Chadwick:
    But I think the clustering thing is just the PC not handling Gigapiano. I don\'t understand why, but it\'s one of the more \'demanding\' sounds available for Giga.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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