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Topic: Emulating Goldsmith/Goldenthal instrumentation with Logic/Kontakt/

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    Emulating Goldsmith/Goldenthal instrumentation with Logic/Kontakt/

    I'm writing a film score, and trying to emulate some of the instrumentation Goldsmith and Goldenthal use in some of their scores using Logic and a bunch of sample libraries from NI in Kontakt. I could use some help nailing down specifically what these styles and instrumentations are, and any ideas on how to reproduce them in my DAW.

    What's the trilling horn sound Goldenthal is always using in Batman and Alien 3? Is it just that? Trilling? Sounds like it's trombones, but I could be wrong. How do I reproduce such a performance-heavy sound?

    Both composers use extremely high strings in their Alien scores, like those found 30 seconds into "Bait and Chase" from Alien 3, and in "Main Title" for Alien (film version). It's discordant and very scary sounding. What's the name for this kind of playing style? Is it tremolo, just in a very high register, and on violins?

    Also in "Main Title," what's the very first instrument we're hearing? Sounds airy. A woodwind of some kind? Such a spooky sound and I'd love to know how it's done.

    In The Edge, throughout "Deadfall," Goldsmith employs what sound like growling, sliding trombones. Is that what's going on? Should I just be using the pitch wheel?

    Finally, the Youtube video of Goldsmith conducting a recording session for The River Wild, during the second half of the video when he's recording the action piece, he keeps addressing the percussionist, who's banging away on either timpani, tom tom, or rototoms -- I can't figure out what it is, but it comes in at 6:09 on the video, and repeats throughout the track. Which drum is this?

    Any advice would be hugely appreciated.


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    Re: Emulating Goldsmith/Goldenthal instrumentation with Logic/Kontakt/

    Those performance-heavy sounds are just that -- performances. You'll drive yourself crazy trying to emulate the horn sounds with midi controls. It will just sound like a tacky synth part.

    After years of messing with the same problem I just bit the bullet and bought Symphobia 1 and 2. For the most part, those types of horn, string, orchestra effects and performances are all in there in many variations. And they sound soooo real and satisfying in your score!

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    Re: Emulating Goldsmith/Goldenthal instrumentation with Logic/Kontakt/

    Symphobia has become the standard for this type of big cinematic sound - great horns, and full of effects, clusters, and brass bends to add that real sound - as was mentioned, doing this in midi with standard libs just doesn't cut it.

    I was inspired by Goldsmith in a lot of my work, and I even tried my hand at a big choir piece - see below - the choir is from Voxos.

    Symphobia includes a lot of the brass effects, bends, growls etc. Some of which I've also used in the piece below - have a listen by way of example.

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