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Topic: Where to Buy?

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    Where to Buy?

    Hi All,

    I\'m new to this group. I\'m wondering where I can find a decent speedy dealer that can sell me the upright bass and eskine drums. The bass I found in a few places, but the drums I can\'t seem to find. BTW, were the eskine drums made exclusively for gigsampler.



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    Re: Where to Buy?

    How many megabytes is the erskine drum cdrom?


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    Re: Where to Buy?

    The Erskine stuff was done well pre-Giga.

    I\'ve had an audio version for a few years.

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    Re: Where to Buy?

    Are there any drums done for Giga exclusively? Other than the GM500 stuff?

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    Re: Where to Buy?

    do you want really great drum sounds? check this:http://www.gigasamplers.com/ made by sonicimplants. if you want to try first, dowload one set for $15-20 bucks. I own real megadrums, and others, but no ones compares to sonicimplants!!!. Best of all,if you download a set, they will give you a $5 discount coupon for your next order.

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    Re: Where to Buy?

    I personally think that the drums on \"Acoustic Essential\" are great, (but then again, we sell it.....). It costs $59 and you\'ll get a great sounding acoustic guitar + acoustic bass at the same time!

    Check www.biggagiggas.com for info + demo


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    Re: Where to Buy?

    Best service has Gigadrums where you can position the drums like in a studio. You can create ambience by chosing between different mic positions. I don\'t have it but it looks interesting. Pretty big though, 2 GB on 3 cds. Anyone have this?

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    Re: Where to Buy?

    The best acoustic drums I\'ve found for Giga are www.sonicimplants.com. I downloaded the Small Ambient 2 for like 20 bucks and the kits are great. MUCH better than Acoustic Essentials - I don\'t see the hype about the drums on that one - I\'ve got it and they\'re terribly small and wimpy sounding.


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    Re: Where to Buy?

    I have GrooveMasters drums Giga and Acoustic Essentials. GrooveMasters gives you many slight variations of snares and hi hats to choose from. It also has drum loops that aren\'t too bad. What I was looking for was believable ghost notes and Groovemasters does a decent job of that, definitely more so than Acoustic Essentials.

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    Re: Where to Buy?

    I\'ll second the recommendation for the Sonic Implants drum sets - they are great. We have a couple of new reviews of their Drum Series 1 and Afro-Cuban percussion up on Sonic Control for anyone who is interested. The samples are stereo only but I\'m finding that the kits really work well and they sit good in a mix (multiple variations of each kit, too).


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