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Topic: Perpetuum Mobile - Novacek

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    Perpetuum Mobile - Novacek

    Just bought Kirk Hunter Concert Strings II with the enormous discount he's doing and pushed the thing very hard
    Solo violin from this library, piano from Modartt (Pianoteq) and video borrowed from one of the best violinist I know

    Thanx for listening


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    Re: Perpetuum Mobile - Novacek

    Enjoyed this while watching the video. Such a great combination, violin and piano! Very nicely done. The arpeggios on the piano sound nice and sharp and the violin is outstandingly crisp!

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    Re: Perpetuum Mobile - Novacek

    Thank you Rendalli for comment.
    I'm new to Kirk Hunter's libraries but I liked the natural behaviour of this strings library and tryed this challenging piece of music; pianoteq is famous among pianists to be the most playable piano software for what concerning expression; I used an exciter on it to help the sound to come out a little.


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