I haven't been up here much in the past few years due to turbulent effecting my life dramatically. The loss of my wife to another, loss of home, and loss of employment.
Well, I'm not used to asking like this but I have no other choice. As some of you may know, I have written some modest music and probably not the best but something at least. I have a few works on CD baby that well, quite frankly, don't sell all that well.
Here's my plea. First, the reason I am making this embarrassing request is that I no longer have unemployment to help keep me afloat and even with all the resumes, applications, and "who you know" leads ... nothing has happened. I am still unemployed yet now only making a few dollars teaching drum lessons. Without getting too into this here is what I am asking.
If you would please, go up on my CD Baby page, listen to a few samples, and if you like or even have a small interest, purchase a download of an mp3 at $0.99. I am hoping to get enough sales to help me keep a roof over my head for at least into the month of January. By then I am praying some employer will give me a break.
Again, I apologize humbly for asking such an immense favor and I am not requiring anyone to purchase a full CD or even an mp3. Just maybe consider it. And, if you do and even if you do not, may God bless you.

Here is the link to my music - http://www.cdbaby.com/AlbumDetails.a...ichaelSalamone

With heartfelt gratitude. And may you all have the happiest of holidays!