Anyone using Logic 9 with GPO. It's now called Logic Pro 9. Ta Da!

Is it easy to modify modulation with a tool or over-dubbing modulation with the mod wheel?

It's available in the Apple app store now for $19.99(I wish) ha,ha. They stripped out Main Stage(live use) and the compressor( Evil!) which are now sold separately. So Logic Studio Pro 9 and the low end Logic express went bye,bye and Apple unveiled Logic Pro nine which cost the same as Logic Express did but they were really the same program except Logic Studio Pro had those other two applications and bunches and bunches of loops. God I love loops.

They have loops of every instrument of every classical piece ever composed and all you have to do is drag them into a track. Mix and match.

Get creative! Take that Emily Howell!!!!

Where was I? I think I just got caught in a reality distortion field.

Oh. Just want to know how you like it.