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Topic: vibes and marimba coming soon!

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    vibes and marimba coming soon!

    Donnie and I have finished most of the work on our upcoming vibes/marimba library. Each instrument will include a choice of 4 mallets. We sampled 4 velocities on the marimba and 3 on the vibes. We found these numbers to faithfully reproduce the tonal range of the instrument but not be overkill, resulting in enormous file sizes. The marimba sampled was Donnie\'s personal 5 octave Marimba One. What a great instrument! Full decay strokes and dead strokes (muted) were were sampled. Rolls will also be included. And, (for you creative folks out there) we are including lots of traditional and not so traditional special f/x.

    The vibes are a set of gold Musser Pro Vibes. Again, the best. Donnie has programmed in some great vibrato features allowing the user to adjust the vibrato speed with the mod wheel. And of course we have included pedal up and down samples. Yes, and lots of f/x here to.

    Below is a simple demo of the the vibes (pretty, but, doesn\'t really show off their capabilities). Marimba demo to come. Stay tuned.

    Check below for more examples.

    Sean Lane
    DS Soundware

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    Re: vibes and marimba coming soon!

    Do the Vibes FX include bowed notes, a la Steve Reich and George Crumb?

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    Re: vibes and marimba coming soon!

    Absolutely! We have included bowing along with lots of f/x stuff like glissandos up/down/random with lots of different mallets, resonator scrapes, random smears...and similar f/x on the marimba. Also, I failed to mention that we recorded rattan handles on the bars of the marimba, a neat effect (well not so much an effect as another mallet choice) that we have run across in solo marimba literature.

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    Re: vibes and marimba coming soon!

    Here are a couple more examples of the library. The first is marimba only. Yes, I know, more Debussy. Must have been the mood Donnie was in today.

    The second is a little Chick Corea featuring the marimba and vibes. Both pedal up and pedal down vibe samples are used here.

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    Re: vibes and marimba coming soon!

    OK, so what about all the usual questions:

    When? How much? How many disks? Are disks sold separately? Etc.

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    Re: vibes and marimba coming soon!

    It looks like the library will be 2 disks and will probably go for not more than $199. We should have the set in production in a few weeks to be released shortly thereafter.

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    Re: vibes and marimba coming soon!

    Here are a few more links demonstrating some of the variety of mallets featured in the library. For each instrument there is a series of links to the same piece performed with progressively softer mallets.


    Vibes (with slow motor on)
    http://www.dssoundware.com/sounds/debmedvib.wma http://www.dssoundware.com/sounds/debmedsftvib.wma

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