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Topic: so, since I've been away ...

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    Smile so, since I've been away ...

    What's new? Or, nuisance? Or, what-ev-va? Hemingway, I would like you to know that I haven't been just sitting around wallowing in sadness and Conway Petty over my recent dark turn of events this past year and a half and three quarters (a couple of dimes too). I've joined a volunteer fire company here in sunny West Seneca, NY. and having a blast training! Monday night I took apart a midsize Chevy car with the jaws of life, hydraulic cutter, and an axe. As I was working hard at simulated rescue of a victim inside the car, a cool ozzystinatto started playing in me head. So, I am woiking on a new piece titled, "That's My Car You're Cutting Up, Jack!" It's not going to sound anywhere what I've heard on this forum of such awesome talent 'cause of my PC is quite old but it's useful.
    Well, be that it may ... I just wanted to Cher. If I could turn back time. I would be turning back time. Cause I would turn back time ....

    Good to be back. and front too.

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    Re: so, since I've been away ...

    Its good to see you back, oldun, keep cheerful and put out the fire's
    Things may come and things may go but the art school dance goes on forever
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