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Topic: A rather complicated setup.....

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    A rather complicated setup.....

    Busy with a new pianoconcerto. Wanted something else. Something really firework, excited, fast, con fuoco. Doing this I realized that getting it done, the intro, development, etc.... is very complicated, due to the rather exuberant motivs. I am far from ready with this first part, but wanted you to give your comments (critics) on the strong and weak points.

    It is a very, very basic soundfile, from Overture. No tempo changes, nor any proper dynamics.Orchestra = EWQL, Piano = Garritan Steinway Pro (classic perspective).

    Don't turn the volume up!!!



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    Re: A rather complicated setup.....

    Hi, Raymond - I think perhaps others here have been feeling as hesitant as I have, not really knowing what to say about an unfinished work.

    Brave man, asking for input during the writing of a piece!--I say, Do It, share the finished piece, and whatever the reaction is, either enjoy each comment or not.

    This is no help--but it's sounding great to me. I totally understand it's in the raw state, ignoring all of that sort of thing. It's short, zesty - I look forward to the finished piece. Too little here, length-wise, for me to have anything else to say!


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    Re: A rather complicated setup.....

    There are great germs of ideas in your motives. You have plenty here to flesh out the entire piece. Right now, it sounds a bit like you put down an idea, then followed with another and developed them a little. But the energy is there and the motives are strong and should work well for you.

    Randy has it right. Go ahead and complete the work and let us have a chance to hear your complete ideas. I think this has a great start!
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    Re: A rather complicated setup.....

    I can only comment to agree. You have the basis of a great work on the way. There's lot of interesting phrases and the piano is sounding super.

    EWQL is a great library, but does require super amounts of attention to detail to get it to 'perform'. Looking forward to the next version.
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    Re: A rather complicated setup.....

    I removed this setup. Wasn't satisfied with it after all. Will start all over again with something new. By the way, the first few bars until the theme were just the thunderous intro. Fair enough, but I couldn't get the next phrases/motivs worked out properly. So, this was one of my: nice try, but not finished........

    See you next year,


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