I've done some digging and haven't really found a "definitive" answer regarding this, as I'm sure each sample library and preference on sound is different... but I'm looking for a good place to start.

I'm trying to devise a good practice for creating "natural" sounding string movements (i.e. not everything static at the same volume); in the libraries I'm practicing with this is done via Expression & Modulation CC data with varying effects on the samples tied to those parameters.

What I'm looking for is a good natural "curve" shape for this data for differing styles of music; for example, in a "loving" legato chord phrasing in the section, what would a good curve (either via Automation or CC data manipulation) look like for natural sounding swells/falls... what would this look like in a more tense/speedier passage? These are the phrasing sounds that string players do naturally without instruction, but since samples are recorded for versatility simply overlapping chord changes does not sound natural.

I hope I'm phrasing this right. Thanks in advance!