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Topic: A Game of Thrones - fan theme over original credits.

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    A Game of Thrones - fan theme over original credits.

    Hi folks - I normally post in the GPO listening forum, but this time I didn't use any GPO instruments and so it's best posted out here.

    Ramin Djawadi composed the brilliant theme for the Game of Thrones opening sequence.

    As an excerise in orchestration I composed my own theme but wanted to use the same styling, driving beat - big drums, strings, the solo cello lead, and also retain most of the chords. I did change it a bit on purpose and my orchestration here is a lot bigger in places.

    This was tough to write, as it was difficult to play 'anything' other than the original theme when I was playing the cello parts. But I loved every second of it. Hope you enjoy.

    (the buttons for adding URL links is missing!?) - sorry for the big link!

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    Re: A Game of Thrones - fan theme over original credits.

    Quite brilliant, everything is in place, you did a great orchestration. At 1'24" love the upscale. May I ask what VST were used?

    May be my only suggestion would be to reduce the Cello volume which appears a little bit too high in the mix in my opinion .

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