Hi there,

I own the Professional Steinway.

I recently bought faster internal drives and had to move all my music samples around.

Now I can't get Garritan Steinway Professional to load.

In Protools, using Aria as an insert, when I attempt to load (say) Classic, it appears to try to load the samples and then stops and gives me the message "Instrument parser - Can't open audiofile: Volumes/3TB Internal/---/C_021_5221_4220628 (and so on) "More in log file".

I have created a log file.

I have run the Sample Manager's diagnosis function and it says everything is fine.

I have also done an experiment of moving all the Aria/Garritan/Steinway files to one drive, rather than having the samples on a different drive. I was imagining that Aria could not find them. Unfortunately, even when using Aria as "stand alone" Aria gives me the "can't load" box.

Any suggestions welcome.

My original disks are in storage in Orange County, so I don't want to drive down there from LA just to pick up a box of samples and reinstall the whole thing. And I am a registered user who purchased this. Surely it can't be this hard?

With thanks,