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Topic: Mod Wheel in aria player

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    Question Mod Wheel in aria player

    just purchased and installed GPO 4.0 inclusive of the aria player. I am accessing aria vst instruments using sonar XI. Works beautifully. Just one minor inconvenience which i am having difficulty with. Once i have configured the midi channels to the appropriate instruments via the aria player...each time i go to either play back or record the mod wheel on all but the first instruments turns down the volume...i have to stop what i was going to do and turn the wheel mod up on each instrument in the aria player...sometimes they stay and sometimes they don;t but it does take a lot of time and can be quite annoying. How do i disable the wheel or keep it from turning itself down on its own? windows 7 64 bit

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    Re: Mod Wheel in aria player

    The mod wheel is not a set and forget controller. The best thing to do is record some CC1 (mod wheel) info at the beginning of each track to get your initial volume. To get the best sound out of the Garritan libraries will require constant use of the mod wheel. This will help bring the instruments to life.

    Balance the instruments by using the Volume and Pan controls in the mixer.


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