I saw this tiny note in the most recent "Garritan Newsletter December 2011":

ARIA Updates Coming Soon!
Developed in collaboration with Plogue Art et Technologie, ARIA is Garritan’s advanced sample player. The ARIA Player is constantly improving in performance and features. For NAMM we will be showing new features including a new design, branding tabs for different libraries, GVIplugin for playing Giga files, OSX 64bit standalone support, convolution with impulses from renown acoustic spaces, and other features. We are discussing licensing ARIA third party developers and welcome discussions with developers.

At the time of their demise, I know Tascam Giga developers were working on GVI4, which was a Mac/PC plugin. I can't wait until NAMM to hear the details. I have tons of Giga libraries I would love to be able to play.