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Topic: Any Instant Orchestra videos?

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    Any Instant Orchestra videos?

    Hey all,

    I purchased a copy of GPO4 mainly to experiment with musical composition (a mid-life crisis manifestation
    I think I understand the difference between GPO and IO but would really appreciate videos demonstrating IO's capabilities..
    Are there any out there already?


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    Re: Any Instant Orchestra videos?

    well if you look on some of the other threads on this forum you'll see a few posted by catabile (one of the beta testers I believe).

    They may not be quite as extensive as you're looking for but you'll get a little feel for it.
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    Re: Any Instant Orchestra videos?

    This is a quick run through of each folder. It really doesn't touch the amount of patches and presets available, nor the possibilities

    Youtube compression is sorta lame so sorry for the clip once in while. I did not put much thought into playing. I was trying to cover as much ground as possible. Seems 8 minutes is still not enough to get all the types of sounds in!

    Robert Davis

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    Re: Any Instant Orchestra videos?

    Amazing! Excellent video. Thank you so much for this it's exactly what I needed!

    Sounds like a powerhouse for cinematic-ish scoring. Love it!!


    Downloading now

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    Re: Any Instant Orchestra videos?

    Yes - thanks, Robert. Very helpful to understand some of the sound capabilities. Looks like a nice addition to GPO.

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    Re: Any Instant Orchestra videos?

    Thank you, this is very helpful.
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