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Topic: Rare instrument???

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    Rare instrument???

    I had to delay the release of Quantum Leap Rare Instruments by a couple of weeks. I was considering sampling another instrument in the mean time. Any ideas? It has to be an instrument that has never been commercially sampled. It must also be something that you could imagine in a dreamy filmscore. I am considering ethnic bagpipes, or perhaps a plucked instrument from Eastern Europe or the Middle East.

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    Re: Rare instrument???

    Hi Nick!

    Could you please post here the instruments that have already been sampled for the \"Rare Instruments\" release, that way we can make suggestions....

    Looking forward to your new CD!

    Robert Kral

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    Re: Rare instrument???

    The Kayagum (I think Taegum is another name for it) from Korea is perhaps the most incredible plucked instrument which has, to my knowledge, failed to make it into sample land. The width and breadth of expressivity on this instrument is remarkable and, like the violin, has inspired many a virtuoso performance. Even a casual listen to such performances on this instrument beg the question... can it actually be sampled? or is it like our friend the saxaphone; an instrument with such huge dynamic and emotional range that it\'s actually pretty pointless sampling it... you might aswell hire a musician to come in and play the lick you want for you..

    the only trouble is... skilled Kayagum players are quite rare outside Korea. I hope I haven\'t put you off but I know you sample library developers love a challenge and it really is a magnificent instrument.


    p.s. your library sounds very interesting.. what instruments will be on it?

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    Re: Rare instrument???

    I pasted this from one of Nick\'s previous posts:

    Here is the final list of instruments-
    Sarangi ( classical Indian bowed instrument ),Laudennas ( Sardinian triple flute with reeds, sounds like a bolivian bagpipe ), Duduk ( Armenian flute ), Alpenhorn, Erhu ( Chinese 2 stringed violin ), Middle Eastern Fiddle, Gedulka ( Bulgarian Fiddle with sympathetic strings ), Hurdy Gurdy( sounds like a fiddle crossed with a bagpipe and an accordian with some buzz ) and Taiko drums.

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    Re: Rare instrument???


    I would love to a see sampled Uilleann Pipes, which is the sweeter, mellower Irish cousin of the bagpipes.


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    Re: Rare instrument???

    Hey Nick,
    As far as plucked instruments, maybe a really good japenese Koto would be cool. Maybe even have an \"Ambient Koto\" which has some kind of cool ambient pad or effect trailing the sample or a treated Koto.
    I don\'t know if there are any really good Koto samples out there because I don\'t have any. I think Heart of Asia has some, but I think it\'s a very pretty sounding instrument myself.
    I would really like to see a really cool \'treated piano\' sound. I like the ones on Xsample Vol.9, but they are discordal and only a few to play with (screws). I want to be able to play them in a song along with other instruments without sounding like it is in between keys. Something chromatically tuned, but very weird and cool Like that sound Elfmann used in the score to \"A Simple Plan\".

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    Re: Rare instrument???

    I\'d also love to see Uilleann Pipes! It has been sampled before but wether it\'s been done right is another matter. It would obviously need very expressive long samples, different inflections, and phrases, trills, modwheel crossfades, etc.

    Another cool instrument is the simple, small pipe known as the Whistle. It\'s incredible how simple and beautiful it can sound. (bending notes, grace notes, ornamental gestures).

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    Re: Rare instrument???

    Uilleann Pipes and Irish whistle would be great !!!


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    Re: Rare instrument???

    I don\'t know how good the shakuhatchi is/are on Heart o Asia, but its got some great dreamy tones, as well as aggressive tones.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Rare instrument???

    After 3 months of searching I finally foung the instrument that I really wanted to sample! I had given up all hope. It\'s called a Rag Dung. It is a 8 ft. Tibetan trumpet. Hope the sampling session goes well. This will probably be the final instrument.

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