Firstly let me wish all a nice break coming to the end of this year, and have a great start to your new year.

My Question is are we heading in a new direction with music, or is music itself pulling us in a new direction what is going on today with music many will already know and have seen, there are some very nice tools, and gear out there offerd to musicians to distribute music in a complete diffrent way and is strongly linked to electro, it makes me very glad for Omnisphere, also the use of an iphone controller unit to use with Omi,

I am also glad for a new breed and a new generation of musicians that are working and embracing this sense of new wave of music,

What I have noted is the many diffirent voices and sounds that are available today for musicsoftware is forcing us to opproach our music creation in a far less traditional manner, in other words (open mindedness) if you can call that a word ! yes forget what you learnt in colledge or uni or from your music teacher (figure of speech) I mean how can you do that.

Have you noticed a change in the way music is played or do you feel a pull in a different direction, music is life and through our life on this earth it will grow and grow and grow it has spoken to us, lead us, and given us many joyful listening hours.

shall we embrace this new direction do we get involved is it something that is soon to explode

Question : what will the new Omnisphere bring us do we need a new Omnisphere I read an article in rader Mag it came first place out of 20 of the best VSTs and it want move from that spot for some time to come.

So What do we expect from Spectro, new software or a new controller that allows us to explore Omni beyond the normal controller what ever that means.

Is hardware merged with software the way forward.

Station MIDI controller by Ander - YouTube