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Topic: Types of Piano

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    Types of Piano

    Hi all,
    Is piano of many types?What are the main types of the piano.

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    Re: Types of Piano

    When deciding to purchase a piano for you, it is very important to take a little time to gather some information about the different types of pianos.

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    Re: Types of Piano

    How we can have the information of different types of piano?

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    Re: Types of Piano

    Well...first of all you must consider if you want an acoustic piano or a digital one. If you go with the digital version (which are a lot easier to maintain and a lot less expensive) you could read an article like this one and take advantage of all the tips that you need to take into consideration before making a purchase.
    Hope this helps
    Adam Worth

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    Re: Types of Piano

    How we can have details of different kinds of piano? I need to know.

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    Re: Types of Piano

    As far as I know, there's acoustic, digital, stage, upright pianos. There are more, but there are the most common ones. I have written some articles on these and compared them. Click here to see my articles. I hope they help you.

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