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Topic: Gigastring Beta

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    Re: Gigastring Beta

    Hi Garritan,

    Thanks for keeping us updated on the progress of GigaStrings.

    Though I am only an amateur, I\'ve become very familiar with the shortcomings of Miroslav Vitous, Kirk Hunter, and even Advanced Orchestra string libraries. Slightly off tunings, non-uniform samples, and unimaginative GigaSample programming limit these libraries. Not to mention huge gaps in the vast spectrum of possible string playing styles and attacks. And I couldn\'t believe after paying so much for Miroslav that he didn\'t use chromatic sampling...

    Needless to say I am very eagerly awaiting the release of GigaStrings! In fact my latest orchestral project is stalled waiting for the release of your library : ) I was spending 10% of the time writing music and 90% of the time trying to get the samples approximate what I wanted (and not always succeeding).

    So basically this is a shameless post praising (though genuinely) your library before I\'ve even heard one note. The others are so bad at covering all the bases, yours should have no problem becoming the new standard string library for the GigaStudio!


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    Gigastring Beta

    Thank you all for the enthusiast response to my idea for a beta program. It seems you liked the idea and I didn\'t expect such a large response to this post.
    The number of evaluators will be limited in the first private beta. Unfortunately not everyone who has expressed interest can be selected
    In the weeks ahead I will contact some of the people who responded. If I decide to seek more beta testers in the future I\'ll post an announcement to this newsgroup. Thanks again.

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    Re: Gigastring Beta

    I figured we might have overloaded you Gary with our 44 posts to the beta collection
    Anyway, I look forward to the collection regardless. Any idea of when it might be available for sale after it is beta-tested or even before? Maybe you could sell it and if there happen to be any weird things in it, you could offer an upgrade for those who didn\'t make the beta list

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    Re: Gigastring Beta

    Hello Garritan
    Looking forward to buy your StringLibrary
    I am eager to let you know, in my opinion;
    of the extreme importance of the first second of every note.
    What I mean is that in order to have any realistic (and why not artistic) reproduction of a musical score, you need to have a great choice of note durations, especially within the first second of any given note.
    I mean you sure can try to play a piece with only one lenght of staccato, but that will sound kind of stiff don\'t you think.
    What is harder to play for a string library than a fast, light, jumpy and delicate passage ?? all this at one time of course and played somewhere between P and PP.
    My personal answer is: a lot of choice in the note lenght. Because when a note is cut via midi not off; it will never sound realistic to me. Plus, the intentions of the players in that matter can add a marvelous flavor to our works.
    I would love to know your feelings and plans on this subject.


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