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Topic: QUICK IO VID RUN Through HD Better detail

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    QUICK IO VID RUN Through HD Better detail

    I run across various forums and threads and people somehow are getting the impression that IO is a building block loop type library/construction kit. This is not the case. As Randy has shown it does not write for you..(Randy has been a godsend in helping try to dispel these things)

    This simply goes thru the folders one at a time and chooses randomly 2 or 3 patches from it. Then I simply just have random playing or even "mousing" the keyboard. I was not looking to make a composition but show it is completely up to the user what comes out. They can choose individual sections(IE strings) or huge complex mixtures such as the ensembles, which morph and change with CC1(or 11 as both are tied together).

    Anyway I hope this helps a bit more!

    Robert Davis

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    Re: QUICK IO VID RUN Through HD Better detail

    Very nice.

    I would kill to get those new "expression switch" and ADSR controls in GPO.

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    Thank You for the HD quality!

    Bravo Robert!

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    Re: QUICK IO VID RUN Through HD Better detail

    Hi, IO looks (and sounds) an interesting package. The available literature doesn't mention any sync to host tempo for things like harp runs, timpani snare, piatti or other percussion rolls, glissandi, orhestral sweeps or string section fingering articulations etc.

    Are any of these features built in or does it all come down to what can be tedious and time consumng manual programming and editing in the grid editors etc?

    Those featues would certainly be the icing on a cake and make it worthy of it's claim to be a truly Instant Orchestra !

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