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Topic: Ove 4.0 and ARIA "clips" out note.

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    Ove 4.0 and ARIA "clips" out note.

    I use Ove 4.01. I use NI Kontakt w/GPO2.

    I upgraded to GPO4 with ARIA.

    I diligently made new ARIA custom ensembles to my liking.

    I opened Ove and installed the ensembles to my instrument rack... _BUT_ the note durations "clip" (electronic clicking noises) and then clip out all together.

    I googled but did not see similar problem.

    I use MIDIsport 8x8 and delta 10/10.


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    Re: Ove 4.0 and ARIA "clips" out note.

    Yes, you can peak out in ARIA, go into the red and get that awful and dreaded digital clipping. But ARIA has the built in mixer so you can tame the combined sound of ensembles - Just set those all lower.


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