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Topic: I don't recall (easy listening, hopefully)

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    I don't recall (easy listening, hopefully)

    I was trying to write a piece that was a little happy. (but not too happy.)
    Hope you enjoy.


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    Re: I don't recall (easy listening, hopefully)

    Hiya, Jay - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    You're starting 2012 off happily for sure, with this fun piece. Easy listening, hopefully?--Easy listening, definitely! Very enjoyable melodies and counter melodies winding around your chord progression. Really nifty percussion too.

    --I want to pass on a technical observation - The drums and percussion are spread out nicely, I think in their default panning positions.-- But the lead instruments sound like they're all coming from the center. Brass is all there, trumpets maybe a bit to the left, but then when the guitar comes in, it's sitting right there in the same position at center. --Spreading those out would get you a more spacious, pro sound. That guitar would probably sound best way over towards the right - Let the reverb unit spread its sound out some, so there's some signal from it coming from the room, but with the hot spot for the guitar being 50% to the right or more. You could experiment with that anyway.

    And then there's the kind of odd case of the electric piano - You have some sort of auto panner on it? It's sweeping back and forth, from half way to left to half way to right, in a constant cycle. Sounds kinda cool, but it drew even more attention that your lead instruments sound mono at center.

    ANyway---I had a fun time listening, Jay--Hope the panning observations make sense.


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    Re: I don't recall (easy listening, hopefully)

    Hey Randy! Happy Nude Year to you also. Your panning suggestions make a lot of sense. I admit that I do not spend very much time with panning. I will from now on though. Unfortunately, I do not have the audio tracks for this piece anymore so I would have to spend more time than I have to implement your great ideas. Your expertise is always very much appreciated. Thanks for the input.

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    Re: I don't recall (easy listening, hopefully)

    Wow this is very good and I love it a lot , thumbs up... this is perfect I will listen to this when I get home after work .. I think I may need to have a compilation for your music ... lol

    please let me know again if you have new ..,, thank you so much

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    Re: I don't recall (easy listening, hopefully)

    Thanks Portugaljazz! I am pleased that you like this song. I plan to post more music.

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    Re: I don't recall (easy listening, hopefully)

    Yes Jay I really like your song .. please let me know if you post new songs ... I am really excited to hear more ^^c

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    Re: I don't recall (easy listening, hopefully)

    portugaljazz. thanks!

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    Re: I don't recall (easy listening, hopefully)

    I enjoyed this. Very nice "light jazz" music that is easy to listen to (sorry, the term "easy listening" brings connotations of being stuck on an elevator - if I was, I'd rather hear this than the Muzak that I usually hear...)
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: I don't recall (easy listening, hopefully)

    Thanks for listening Trent! I see what you mean about "easy listening/elevator music". "Lite jazz" works fine for me.
    I'm glad that you liked this.

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    Re: I don't recall (easy listening, hopefully)

    Hi Jay,

    I really liked your number ... the whole laid-back feel, the bass, harmony, rhythm, melody, solos ... all really nice!

    The only thing I would consider for future arrangements (beyond Randy's excellent advice on panning) is to not have your horns all starting and ending their notes at precisely the same times; this makes the horn section sound more synth/keyboard-like and less like individual players blowing.

    Very nice stuff Jay ... I enjoyed it!

    Best regards,


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