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Topic: Competitorsa for GIGA

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    Competitorsa for GIGA

    I read on the software discussion forum that Steinberg (sampler: Halion) and Emagic (EXS 24 in an update)lunch a new generation sampler that allows harddisk-based sample-use (no RAM limitation any more). Any of the library-producers out there who already know more about it and want to share their opinion on this subject. Could this be a serious competition to Nemesys???


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    Re: Competitorsa for GIGA

    Unfortunately, this does pose a great threat to Nemesys. These new samplers may not have some of the great features of Gigastudio, like key-switching, but they probably will soon. They are, however, 24 bit 96k right now! There are tons of Logic and Cubase users who will probably buy these samplers. It\'s time to up the anny Nemesys. 24 bit 96k to start with. Better effects as well, including perhaps vst support in gigastudio.

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    Re: Competitorsa for GIGA

    I\'d love to see a better reverb in Gigastudio. The NFX isn\'t horrible, but for trying to emulate an orchestral hall, the NFX doesn\'t do it.
    DirectX support would be great also.

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    Re: Competitorsa for GIGA

    I suppose it goes without saying that Steinberg\'s sample format and .GIGs are incompatible.


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    Re: Competitorsa for GIGA

    i actually got to go to NAMM this year, and i saw all kinds of pretty pictures of the emagic sampler (the streaming sampler) and the new HALion, but where are they? emagic has been saying their streaming sampler was \"going to be ready soon\" since before last year\'s NAMM. steinberg just showed a couple of powerpoint slides and said that it was in alpha, but that it would be really cool (if it\'s ever released). my guess is that emagic said that they were going to try to do disk streaming for logic and steinberg decided they better announce something similar for cubase to stay current. it just shows how popular the nemesys stuff is getting and that it\'s even shaking up the guys at emagic and steinberg. even if one of them releases something, it\'s going to exclude everyone else who isn\'t using their stuff since HALion and the emagic thing are proprietary plug-ins. my guess is that nemesys will sue the living daylights out of either or both of them for infringing on their patent. maybe this time next year we\'ll be using cubase, by nemesys. Nemesys Logic...that has a good ring to it too.

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    Re: Competitorsa for GIGA

    The EXS 24 already exists (although currently RAM limited). Emagic replied to a question of mine and said, that currently Gig.format won\'t be read, but that their \"new\" technology allows using whatever BIG sounds from HD disk...

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    Re: Competitorsa for GIGA

    Really the best thing we can all do is support Nemesys. They had a very good year and we can all help by recommending the sampler to others. I personally really enjoy having a separate computer running gigastudio. It took a long time for Nemesys to get to where they are, and the new mac based streaming samplers have a long way to go till they can truly compete with Nemesys. I didn\'t mean to sound negative in my earlier posts. I have confidence and am currently working on 3 major Gigastudio libraries.

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    Re: Competitorsa for GIGA

    Yes Nick I agree,

    Upon reflection I must say that I am quite happy with Gigastudio and I eagerly await 2.2.

    Indeed, to put things into proportion, Gigastudio is actually not that far away from totally satisfying my demands, thus allowing me to pitch my tent and stick with Nemesys for the long haul.
    Personally I already have a trusty collection of old samples which I\'ve converted to gigs and am happy to work with. So 90% of Nemesys\' statement on this forum about NAMM 2001 was not of interest to me... but those magic words \"improved functionality\" lit my face up with renewed hope.

    fingers crossed,


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    Re: Competitorsa for GIGA


    Just wanted to let you know that Franz from best service answered a thread on the German discussion forum saying they talked to one guy of Nemesys. He feels competition to be good and hopes for a new Version of Giga at the end of the year.


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