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Topic: Xsample or AO, Dan Dean's stuff, anything else?

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    Xsample or AO, Dan Dean\'s stuff, anything else?

    Hi guys & girls!

    To make most out of the bit of money that is left in my pocket, I need good advise.

    I read that the Xsample library is just a kind of \"stopgap\" for missing parts in other libraries and not so much something that can be properly used on its own. Any opinions on that???

    I don\'t so much do film music or classical music. I\'m more into Pop/Rock/Jazz/Blues. I think the Dan Dean Solo Strings might be good for my purpose, but shall I better get AO or Xsample as addition???

    I think the Scarbee-bass -library is going to be awfully brilliant for my purpose. Any other library of that kind that is worth being mentioned???

    I need good Brass as well. I know that Quantum Leap Brass is said to be a brilliant library, but what about the Brass of Xsample and/or AO. Anything useful for my purpose (Blues/Pop/Rock/Jazz)???

    I\'m also interested in doing \"classical arrangements\" like Metallica. Any advise which libraries to get???

    Any good Solo Sax???

    Mr. Dan Dean. Have you read Mr. Phoenix criticism on your woodwind library??? Any comments???

    Any other ideas what I might want to have???

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Xsample or AO, Dan Dean\'s stuff, anything else?

    AO may be overkill for Pop/Rock. Unless you really need a contra-bassoon for that hip new sound.

    Quantum Leap Brass will cover both brass and saxes for you. I\'m a sax player, and while nothing compares to the real thing, QL Brass has some very usable sax patches on it.

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    Re: Xsample or AO, Dan Dean\'s stuff, anything else?

    Hi O.H.,

    just some words to Xsample as a \"stopgap\". You are always deciding, what you need, not someone else. Maybe you have to call every library a stopgap, because there isn\'t any library with >your< sounds or you have to buy a GM library of lower quality (,which includes not really all sounds). We started with 9 CDs and going now on with 3 CDs full of sampled stuff. Our theme is good sounds, good quality and good programming stuff. I think, we will never reach the \"complete set\", because there is no limit. Our instruments are crossing styles, so you will find a solo sax, a rhodes, a guitar, a harp, an oboe as well as a calimba. Have a look at our instrument list, and decide if you need it or not. By the way you can buy our CDs also as single CDs. But if you decide to buy CDs of our library, I can give you a guaranty for best quality.


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    Re: Xsample or AO, Dan Dean\'s stuff, anything else?


    It\'s cool to see someone on the list who is into Pop/Rock/Jazz/Blues, as most of the active people on the list seem to be into the classical stuff. I am into both worlds as a film/commercial composer, but my first series of Giga-CD\'s (Scarbee J-series bass libraries.) is for rock/funk,Pop, dance etc.
    I - myselft hope we will soon see more Giga-CD\'s for this kind of music: Drums, guitars, brass, etc.


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    Re: Xsample or AO, Dan Dean\'s stuff, anything else?

    Sorry a repeat...

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    Re: Xsample or AO, Dan Dean\'s stuff, anything else?

    ups..one more..the server was acting funny.

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