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Topic: Best Piano Instrument or Sample set for Jazz/Nordic Jazz

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    Best Piano Instrument or Sample set for Jazz/Nordic Jazz

    Hello All -

    I've been using the Post Bosendorfer for many years now, and it's been fine for my needs. Recently, I've begun working on an album which is going to consist of both real and virtual instruments in a setting similar to Weather Report meets ECM jazz meets Patrick O'Hearn type atmospheric stuff. Real instruments will include acoustic and electric guitars, cymbals and percussion, melodica, bass clarinet, glock, fretless and acoustic bass, and a few other odds and ends. For several reasons, I won't be able to record real piano, and I'm looking for a virtual piano that will be able to sit nicely in the type of musical setting I've described, function well occasionally as a melody or solo instrument, and give me some flexibility with virtual mic positioning and/or room sound. I don't need a lot of different pianos necessarily, just one or possibly two that sound really good and hopefully exceptionally real.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Re: Best Piano Instrument or Sample set for Jazz/Nordic Jazz

    Hi Beautyfish

    not sure if you can get just a 1 or 2 piano software you may need to get a piano pack that has a lot more than just a few piano voices or that has many other instruments .

    Havent got it my self but I here alot of shouting about elishakeys piano software pack it is ment to be very good for piano.

    there is alot out there doing great piano sounds /samples and a lot are offering demos befor you buy also alot of great pianos are grafted into software packs.

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    Re: Best Piano Instrument or Sample set for Jazz/Nordic Jazz

    ALICIA'S KEYS is my goto piano for just about everything now days. The presets are ok but it really shines when tweeked by the user and it is highly tweekable.

    If you don't mind spending some time learning/experimenting with the controls you can make ALICIA'S KEYS fit into just about any mix of instruments or stand out as a solo instrument.

    More info here:

    Kind regards,
    Rick Tucker

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