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Topic: Aria - GPO4

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    Aria - GPO4

    Standalone version works perfectly.

    When I run as a VST in Sonar 7 everything works except there is no sound - via ASIO, WDM, nor MME 32bit.

    If I leave some channels to play the Microsoft Wavetable these work OK but no sound from Aria channels

    I have adjusted the mod wheel to no avail.

    Can anyone help me, please.

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    Re: Aria - GPO4

    Do you have the output from the Aria player routed properly? The wavetable is a special case in Sonar because it shoots directly out to the system MIDI. The Player is a VST-instrument, which require audio outputs. You should have:
    1) Midi track whose input is routed to Aria Player
    2) An audio track (Sonar usually inserts a default "instrument" track) whose output is routed to the audio output of your soundcard.

    To isolate it to SONAR or Aria do the Cakewalk VSTs, such as the TTS-1, pass sound?

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    Cool Re: Aria - GPO4

    Many thanks

    Your sugestion for 1) and 2); these were not selected.

    When I selected them everything worked.

    Many thanks

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    Post Re: Aria - GPO4

    Great! Glad you got it working. Now go make some music

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