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Topic: Kirk Hunter Strings GIGA version coming!

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    Kirk Hunter Strings GIGA version coming!

    Here is what soniccontrol says:

    \"ILIO will begin releasing selected products in Nemesys\' Giga format this year. The first will be the Giga format of Virtuoso Series Strings by Kirk Hunter, which is expected in Summer 2001. Other completely new Giga titles will follow.

    \"We thought the time was right to begin supporting this increasingly popular platform,\" says Mark Hiskey of ILIO. \"Virtuoso Strings is a good candidate to start with because it will really benefit from many of the unique performance features built into the Giga system. Plus the Giga\'s virtually limitless memory capacity means our creative users can have every subtle articulation and the largest possible string sections at their beck and call.\"

    Jim Van Buskirk of Nemesys applauds the move. \"ILIO has a stellar reputation for providing the highest quality sample libraries. We\'re thrilled to have them supporting our platform and can\'t wait to see what Giga native libraries they\'ll come up with next.\"

    The Virtuoso Series Strings for Giga will be available for $995.\"

    I just bought the AKAI version last week, oh well. I hope they have a cheap (or free?) upgrade for registered owners.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Strings GIGA version coming!

    The More the Merrier

    Good to hear. I wonder how The voice collections (SOV, VP) will benefit from reprogramming.

    Wait I take that more the merrier back...My checkbook isn\'t too happy

    Really...I am an Idiot

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