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Topic: "Pictures at an Exhibition" orchestration (WIP)

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    "Pictures at an Exhibition" orchestration (WIP)

    This is a WIP. I love this piece (both in its arrangements and in its original piano format). And though it must be one of the most orchestrated and arranged pieces in history, I couldn't help but give it a shot, too...

    A couple of thoughts: I thought the use of cimbalom and guitar gave it a kind of earthy, gypsy, slavic feel vs. the "too Gallic" criticism.

    The organ is assumed to always be synth -- in fact maybe a less-organ sounding bass synth might be more interesting and original, I don't know.. also considered synth voices for "Talking to the Dead in a Dead Language"??

    The piano is actually used somewhat extensively in earlier pieces which I have done but have not put up here, yet.

    I have "Baba Yaga" and "Great Gate" left to do, but I have felt too intimidated to do anything yet, lol. I do know I want Baba Yaga to be pretty savage.

    Thank you for listening!


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    Re: "Pictures at an Exhibition" orchestration (WIP)

    An interesting post. I first knew "Pictures at an Exhibition" as a child, through the Ravel arrangement. Only later did I know it as a piano work. This is a nice use of orchestral textures and I like the use made of different instrumental groups. The organ works effectively. My only suggestion is that the strings need to be non-legato in a number of places. This is a major influence on "realism". It might be possible by indicating the bowing, depending on what software you are using.

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