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Topic: Question for Macy

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    Question for Macy

    Hi Macy,

    The more I work with Pianissimo, it isn't suiting my needs so still considering GAS Basic. I won't be using it to record, only as a practice tool so I can hopefully hear a more natural acoustic piano sound than the grand piano samples in my keyboard, although they're pretty good. For practice, I either use good headphones or my Altec Lansing speaker system via computer.

    Since you've been using GAS Basic, how does it sound through headphones? Good balance with good highs and lows? Good character? The problem with Pianissimo is it's too warm for my taste and bass notes in particular can sound muddy and indistinct. Playing a piece like Liszt's "Un Sospiro" with the constant flowing bass runs which is the basis of the piece, sounds rather muddy in Pianissimo even with the high EQ set to max. So just curious to get your opinion regarding overall sound and playability of GAS Basic from bottom to top.

    I'm also trying TruePiano and overall sounds very good except for a few notes in the low end that sound more like an upright than a 9' grand. Disappointing for the price. You'd mentioned IvoryII before but it's just more than I want to spend for my needs and I want to use a stand alone.

    Virtual pianos.... ah, ya gotta love technology.

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    Re: Question for Macy

    Actually this question doesn't have to be limited to Macy. If anyone who is using GAS Basic can provide some input, I'd appreciate it. The more input the better.

    Virtual pianos.... ah, ya gotta love technology.

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    Re: Question for Macy


    My piano music tends to be mellow, and warm - so I might not be able to show you the 'brighter' side of the Steinway.

    I have two different style pieces that will show you some of what GAS can do. I think the reverb plays a hand in the mudding the sound. EQ'ing out the bottom of the reverb is usually a good idea.


    Try 'Moonlight Walk' and 'Theme in G Major Var 1' on that site. There are some loud brighter moments in the Theme in G piece.

    If you want to hear more, there's Autumn Wind, Reflections with piano only there as well.
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    Re: Question for Macy

    Hey, nice work! Aside from the classical side of my musical life, I do much of the same type of slow, melodic compositions. Thank you for the links. I enjoyed them all very much and I do like the sound of GAS. Is yours the basic or pro version?

    Interesting you're in Dublin. My ancestors came from County Donegal and I've been thinking about a trip over there to do more research. I'm also in an Irish/Celtic band named Kinvara here in the states and play DADGAD guitar, bouzouki, and whistle. If I make it to Ireland we'll have to get together and share some music...and tip a Guinness or two.

    For $99, I may just go ahead and get GAS to satisfy my curiosity.

    BTW, here's the band's web site: www.kinvaraband.com/

    Virtual pianos.... ah, ya gotta love technology.

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