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Topic: AO GIG format..

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    AO GIG format..

    What\'s the difference between Siedlaczek\'s Advanced Orchestra Akai and GIG format? I don\'t mean new special features like switching between f, p, staccato etc., but basic sound quality. When I convert percussions from Akai disc, the snare drum, tubular bells, timpani etc. sound not good. Especially snare drum has strange decay and crisp sound which doesn\'t fit well in any mix.
    But I heard 2 demos from AO GIG version, and there is some very good, gentle sound of orchestral snare drum (which evidently doesn\'t exist in Akai old version), and also other percussions - tubular bells, timpani, sound very good. So I\'m curious if the sound quality was really improved in comparison with old Akai version or if it only seems to be so from some good recorded demos..?
    And the same about string ensembles, I remeber someone in this forum was speaking about some newly added, more expressive \"Vitous-like\" string sections in GIG version, but I don\'t remeber that accurately... But again, in those demos, also strings seemed to sound somehow better than in old Akai version.
    So I\'d like to ask if someone has experience with AO GIG version and especially if is there really some basic sound improvement of percussions, strings (also wind/brass) compare to old Akai version. (Also if bad tunning of flute from Akai etc. is improved). Thanks.

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    Re: AO GIG format..

    The gig version uses the same set of samples as the Akai. The tuning has been improved, and of course, lots of re-programming. Also, the gig version includes some section strings from the AO Upgrade library.

    I would guess that anything you didn’t like in the Akai version would still not cut it for you. Who knows, the demo your heard might have been done with the Akai set!

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