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Topic: ARIA and midi

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    ARIA and midi

    I have a piece for 32 instruments. I opened one ARIA and assigned the first 16 instruments. I opened the second ARIA and added the second 16 instruments. It sounded awful. I received a suggestion to be sure that the 16 tracks in each ARIA are assigned to the similar tracks in midi - ergo the ARIA 1 would be assigned tracks 1-16 and ARIA 2 would be assigned to tracks 17-32. However, looking at midi options there are only 23 tracks avaiklable. This does not make sence to me. How does one assign, say an 84 piece orchestra that would take 6 ARIAs?

    I am using ARIA and Finale 2012.

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    Re: ARIA and midi

    Hi Tom,

    It's hard to be sure (perhaps a screen shot will help) - but Finale and Aria work like this:

    VST plugin options - for slot 1-16 and slot 17-32 - add Aria instance in each one, and load each instrument.

    Exit the plugin options and view the 'Instrument Manager' - here you assign the staves to the midi channels, according to how you loaded them in aria.

    But note - if you have 3 trumpets, it could be that you have all 3 of these on one stave in Finale. So in the instrument manager you'd have 'less' instruments listed versus the number of midi channels you loaded. I don't have finale in front of me but you might be able to assign multiple channels to one stave. Probably by writing the channels 10, 11, 12 in the channel box (sorry but its been a while since I used finale) - or if you are using the new Aria that came with IO - you can assign the channels directly in Aria and put all the troms on the one channel. (again this would have to be comfirmed as I haven't used the new aria and finale together).

    Either way, that 'might' be the issue you mention?

    Note too - its not always going to automatically sound great. A finale score can be created in two ways: one that is neat, concise and ready for print, and one that is designed to achieve the best playback experience, and so therefore is chock full of articulations, and oddly placed midi triggers. All of my finale scores are the latter - built for playback. It's the same, only 'messier'.
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