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Topic: old, VSL to Kontakt

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    old, VSL to Kontakt

    Ok, so i read a lot of stuff about how people with Kontakt and VSL got around of using scripts in overcoming the obstacles of the 32bit performance tools by converting their libraries to Kontakt.... I have read 6000 posts about people trying to work around with it in Logic, memory issues and what not... what i cant find is a guide that does explain the process after you have converted it...

    Are people just throwing single instruments in their Kontakt rack and use a script on that or does somebody have a complete orchestral setup in Kontakt and give some explanation on how its done? I have been looking at the scripts and how to keyswitch banks in Kontakt, but it cant be that i have to map every single articulation for all the instruments in their respective Instrument Banks manually with no guide line... or...?

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    Re: old, VSL to Kontakt

    Are you starting from EXS? I'm not sure either, but have you tried contacting VSL to see if they'd be willing to send you the NKI's? I assume the sample pool is the same.

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    Re: old, VSL to Kontakt

    Which VSL products do you have?


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    Re: old, VSL to Kontakt

    ok, i have gathered some info around a little, but not 100% sure because people seem to work out of the tools that are provided from the "developers" and around the release. a lot of people have been asking about the possibility to use the performance sets with their old releases in Kontakt, its basically what im looking for, i even know for a fact that performance scripts was released for Kontakt before vsl gave them out, or maybe im just wrong. some guy Nils or Guga who made some scripts....? So far i have only found out that its only possible with the Horizon series...? if anyone knows differently then thats what im looking for. im trying to use my old libraries 64bit with the so called scripts i heard people made...

    I got the Cube Pro, and Opus1/Horizon... the nki's are not a problem, i thought maybe somebody had made performance scripts for kontakt to have the old libraries working outside of Gigastudio, in Kontakt. Problem with that Gigastudio3 wont run on win7 64bit either.. maybe im wrong and its only possible with Horizon.

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    Re: old, VSL to Kontakt

    ok they want me to buy VE and VI such a small price of 400 euro for such a big library, which also had a price accordingly lol.
    And i dragged this old dinosaur out of the box hoping i would be able to stack it up in Kontakt in 64bit
    its when i stop supporting companies like that.

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    Re: old, VSL to Kontakt

    Converting the one shot samples to Kontakt is easy. The Horizon product Kontakt scripts can be downloaded from VSL directly. The Cube has no scripts, so none of the Performance Instruments will translate to Kontakt. there is nothing to stop you writing your own scripts though.

    Regarding the Giga Pro Edition, I do not think that Special Edition is an equivalent. That is more similar to Opus 1, with a load of other stuff. Don't get me wrong, SE is great, but I would miss a lot of stuff from the Pro Edition.

    As far as supporting VSL, considering that you haven't bought any new products from them for 8 years, I don't think they will really miss your custom. ;>)


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