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Topic: NAMM 2001

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    NAMM 2001

    Hello, everybody!

    Well, another year, another NAMM, and what a show it was! I\'d like to thank everyone who stopped by the booth to show their support, we enjoyed meeting you!

    This year we were featuring GigaStudio v2.2, which includes a more powerful QuickSound Utility (up to 50 times faster!!), and some fantastic new libraries including: Dan Dean Woodwinds, DSSoundware Ultimate Timpani, Scarbee J-Bass, Matt Ragan\'s maximum guitar, and the new QuickSound-enhanced Hollywood edge Premiere edition. Along with the improved QuickSound, GigaStudio 2.2 has some usability and functionality updates, mostly inspired by comments made on this site and also some other forums that we\'ve been watching. We also had great a response to our newest libraries. The new QuickSound-enhanced Hollywood Edge series is sure to set a new standard of playability to the already industry standard. Dan Dean\'s Woodwind library is very impressive, and easily holds its own against libraries costing two and three times as much. DSSoundware\'s new Timpani library was also turning heads at the show and will be an excellent compliment to the Ultimate Percussion library. The new Scarbee J-Bass, slap bass, was not only turning heads, but it was knocking peoples\' socks off! Utilizing useful and natural keyswitching, some NAMM attendees thought we had a studio bass pro hidden in the booth. Matt Ragan\'s Maximum Guitar library is clean and accurate, it actually made one passer-by stop in his tracks and say, \"Wow! That really sounds like a real guitar!\"

    If you would like to check them out, demos are available at: http://www.nemesysmusic.com/sounds


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    Re: NAMM 2001

    Thanks for the update Sean,

    Though Nemesys seems to be continuously bashed on this forum, its only because GigaStudio is so close to making composer\'s lives much easier. I can\'t imagine going back to a hardware sampler now, and so even in its current form GigaStudio is a powerful and indispensable tool. Once some bugs are worked out and Win2k and/or Whistler support is added, Nemesys will be the most loved sampler company ever! Keep up the work, guys.

    Do you know any specifics on what features or bug fixes are added to version 2.2 and when it will be available?


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