Yes it runs with "loopmidi" but ......
I run "Texture" sequencer within Dosbox, and interface is RME Fireface 800. (win7 Ultimate 64bit)
As I still use Gigastudio 4, the preferred driver for FF800 (29992.zip) being "Fireface 800 MIDI (GSIF low latency)", however when I run "mixer /listmidi" in Dosbox for a driver to hook up with, all that appears is:-

0 "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth"
1 "Fireface 800 midi"

No combination of the above works in the DosBox config file, and while I can get "Texture" to work through the slower "LOOPmidi", etc., the "Fireface 800 MIDI (GSIF low latency)" should be used as there is a latency difference.

Where would I find the file, and how do I get "Fireface 800 MIDI (GSIF low latency)" added to the list that shows up in "mixer /listmidi"? (Dosbox). I am told that the file ("Fireface 800 MIDI (GSIF low latency)") may not be available to Windows, so any comment for a work around most appreciated
Bryan H