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Topic: Quantum Leap Brass 2

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    Quantum Leap Brass 2

    Hi Nick!

    Is it going to be an addition to QLB 1 or is it meant to replace it???



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    Re: Quantum Leap Brass 2

    Definately an addition.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Brass 2

    Nick, I seem to remember you saying that QL Guitars would never be revisited. I just wanted to let you know I think that\'s a shame. I really like a lot of your guitars, but many have problems. For example, the Anderson Strat sounds great, but the sustains are truncated, limiting its usefulness. There are also tuning issues I know you\'re aware of (I recall you talking about it in an earlier post).

    Anyway, I do love your products, and I am eagerly awaiting Rare Instruments.

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