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Topic: OT - Gustav Leonhardt RIP

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    OT - Gustav Leonhardt RIP

    One of the greats.


    Translated from Dutch by Google:

    Gustav Leonhardt deceased
    Published on January 17, 12, 16:28 Last updated on January 17, 12, 16:46

    LONDON - In his hometown is Monday the conductor, and organist Gustav Leonhardt clavicinist deceased. The musician was born 83 years ago in Laren. On December 13 he gave a concert in Paris. The next day he announced to stop performing.

    Leonhardt was one with Nikolaus Harnoncourt and purified to become acclaimed pioneers of early music, men who went in search of the sound of Bach and his contemporaries. They did archival work and the instruments when they started playing those times showed that under thick layers of varnish romantic, sparkling Bach was hidden. Together the once all batch cantatas on the plate, but where Harnoncourt younger music picked up later, it was mostly faithful to the Leonhardt Baroque. He worked with small ensembles, but also behind the keyboards of old organs and harpsichords that he took care of very fine performances.

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    Re: OT - Gustav Leonhardt RIP

    This is a very sad new.

    He was one of my favourite directors/performers and showed so many times in Milan.

    I will miss him.
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    Re: OT - Gustav Leonhardt RIP

    I also wanted to inform you about this.... thank you caher/fabiolcati. I admired him. One of the greatest harpsichord players....


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    Re: OT - Gustav Leonhardt RIP

    The sad passing of a truly great musician.

    I shall continue to treasure greatly the recordings I have of him as conductor and harpsichordist.

    My condolences to his family and friends in their loss.


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