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Topic: Headphone suggestions?

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    Headphone suggestions? UPDATE: Found great phones

    One big reason for the GAS volume seeming too low without much presence in my Sony phones is the poor fit. They're "on-ear" phones and don't seal well, so sound quality and volume is lost. They're also not too comfortable. The other day at Best Buy and Guitar Center, I tried some over-the-ear Sennheiser, Bose, and AT for fit and were very comfortable, as well as seemed to seal pretty well. None of the phones were hooked to sound sources for listening, so wasn't able to actually hear them.

    So for those of you who use headphones, what would you recommend that won't break the bank? I'll be running them direct from the computer's sound card. I've also ordered the JDS Labs headphone amplifier.

    Tried Senn HD280 Pro, Audio Technica ATH-M50s, and Sony MDR5706. The Sony MDR5706 easily stood out among this group for the virtual piano environment. Great sound, comfortable, and great price. I'm using it with the JDS Labs "Altoids" amp.
    Virtual pianos.... ah, ya gotta love technology.

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    Re: Headphone suggestions?

    I use Audioteka ATH700s... they are pretty good. But the Sennheiser HD650s look much better. I recommend you visit head-fi.org which offers a list of headphones (ranked from best to worst) .

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    Re: Headphone suggestions?

    Thanks, Nick. Unfortunately, there's no way I can spend $500 on headphones. Actually I just wanted a headphone set that best suits the virtual piano environment at a price I can afford and the Sony MDR7506 does a great job for my needs at a very affordable price. No, it's certainly not the best and seems a bit fragile, but until I can afford to step up, the MDR5706 is performing admirably. And it's all about personal taste, needs, and application. I've looked at the link you mentioned and noticed the Senn HD280 Pro is ranked #47 and the Sony MDR7506 is ranked #114. But after several days of testing and comparing, for the virtual piano environment, to my ears the MDR7506 is much better suited for my needs and captures more of the personality of a Steinway D....again, for me. I'm a audiophile to a point, but finances dictate much of the decisions regarding equipment. Wish I'd win the lottery. I'd buy a Steinway D and be done with it.
    Virtual pianos.... ah, ya gotta love technology.

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