I've got a few projects in Logic for which I want to use Garritan instruments.
I was having a couple of problems with the fact that Garritan uses different controllers for some effect that I have used in my existing pieces, particularly volume, modulation for vibrato, and velocity for volume.
Here are a few transformations that I have created that automate the process for me. You could presumably do the same sort of things with other DAWs and instrument libraries. Make sure you apply 1. before 2. or you won't be able to tell which modulation data is for vibrato, and which is for volume control.

1. Modulation to C-Press
Status = Control
Data Byte 1 = 1 (Mod wheel)
=> Status = C-Press (Garritan's Vibrato for many instruments)

2. Volume to Modulation
Status = Control
Data Byte 1 = 7 (Volume)
=> Data Byte 1 = 1 (Mod wheel)

3. Velocity to Volume
This one copies the events before changing the copy's event type into a CC.
You need to change the "Mode" to "Copy selected events, then apply operations"
Status = Note
=> Status = Control, Pitch (Data Byte 1) = 7 (Volume)
(or you could set it to 1 - Modulation directly)

...and another transform to get rid of zero volume events that it creates for some reason?!
4. Delete zero volume
Status = Control
Data Byte 1 = 7
Data Byte 2 = 0
=> "Mode": Delete selected events

You need to select the regions that you want to apply these to first.
If they don't work for you, you can always undo.

Hope that helps