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Topic: Take them over

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    Take them over

    Personally, I think that Gigasampler\'s days are numbered and this is actually a good thing for all concerned. Firstly, although innovative in some respects, by not making the samper VST compatible is suicidal. I foresee a stage whereby sequencers and samplers will become one and the same so that sequencers can take a midi track and generated the audio for that track from the sequencer in design time rather than real time, thus freeing up polyphony (see my other postings on software forum). I suspect that there are not many people at Nemesys and I ould trust Cubase a lot more... interesting to note how a couple of years ago, Nemesys would post replies on this forum... that seems to have stopped. I don\'t believe that the technoligical leaps and bounds that Nemesys claim, really exist in their product. Direct from disc streaming is not *that hard*. Look at the situation: it is the fact that now this techonolgy has made an appearance (and granted - Nemesys were the first here), it has enabled sample library makers to expand their horizons. They are no longer limited to small libs. Now then: it doesn\'t matter whether Fred Bloggs library maker is releasing his library as Gigasampler today, he will surely be able to use a free-ware converter tool to convert to other formats. The important thing is that the process has been started to create large and exciting libs. The package that we use to access those libs - I think - will become less important over time. It certainly is cost-wise these days. So - fret not... even if you have bought a whole load of GS libs like myself... you can bet your bottom dollar (or pound if like myself you live in UK) that you\'ll be able to easily convert them when the time comes... it\'s good marketing sense. If someone does release a competitor, what is the easiest way of allowing that competitor\'s customers to move over? Well - give them an easy migration path... sounds a bit like the AKAI loader in GS... but next generation, perhaps?

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    Re: Take them over

    well i didn\'t think that english was *that hard* either, but you seem to be having some difficulty with it. if you think disk streaming is soooo easy, how come it\'s only being done now? is it that your boys at the steinberg lab couldn\'t figure it out? oh, wait...i forgot...you\'re from england -then you should be a pro at english, go figure - the fact is that HALion and the emagic streaming samplers are vaporware and have been for quite some time. besides, at this point the guys at nemesys are too far ahead, these non-existent plug-ins have a lot of catching up to do. i believe that nemesys holds the patent on the technology anyway, or that\'s what they\'ve been saying. now, i don\'t know what you call it in germany...i mean england (silly me)...but in the u.s. that\'s what we call patent infringement, and it\'s typically not an acceptable business practice. i suspect that if you guys...i\'m sorry, i mean \'those guys over at steinberg\' ... and emagic ever decide to release these \"streaming samplers\", there will be quite a legal battle to contend with.

    ps - is that cool steinberg logo on the paychecks too? just thought you may know.

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    Re: Take them over

    Nice sarcasm... I like it! We\'ll make a Brit of you yet. . No - not from Steinberg, just a bedroom musical masturbator like a lot of us on the forum. Actually - I am an advocator of the GS... I just rest in peace that should another product become more dominant and better, you can rest assured that a migration path will be put in place. I\'m more interested in the sample libs being superlative... as long as I can convert my large sample lib formats from one vendor to the next as they come and go... who cares? Well - aside from cost that is!

    Mr. Steinberg... oops... Rich.

    PS - God! You\'re right about the English in last message; given I have a degree in English, I\'d better start re-reading what I\'ve babbled out on the keyboard before submitting it!!!

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    Re: Take them over

    believe me, i went over that post three times with a fine tooth comb. i figured...\"i better get it right myself or i\'m gonna get creamed\" believe me, i\'ve had my share of frustration and near-meltdowns (on a personal level, of course) with gigasampler and then gigastudio, but i still think it\'s the single most powerful tool i\'ve had in my studio in quite some time. and i\'m sure the bugs are getting worked out of it as soon as they\'re found. i\'ve also had cubase, cool edit, sound forge, and rebirth blow on me at times, but i think it\'s just one of those \'pleasures\' of working with computers.


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    Re: Take them over

    I\'d like to say a few things here if I may. When I look back at how things were 10 years ago, I just about laugh compared to what can be done today with Gigastudio and computers. Gigastudio has in my opinion blown everything away! Sure, we all might have had a few kinks at first but once they were worked out, I know I sure was a happy man.
    Remember having to record all of your stuff onto tape? It totally sucked!! Tons of tape hiss, never knowing how well your mix would sound on other systems-a total headache! Now we can sample, sequence, and burn to CD all in one.
    I\'ve made some demos to people I admire in the music community where I live including a retired concert master under James Levine at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York and he was blown away by the realism of one of my string quartet demos. Actually, he was kind of concerned that it sounded a little to real. Anyway, the point I\'m trying to make is that Gigastudio is a fantastic piece of software that is going to be around for a long time. I can\'t imagine what their next version will be like.
    When you\'ve got guys like Hans Zimmer, Jeff Rona, and the rest of the team at Mediaventures (some of the smartest composers in the business IMO) behind Gigastudio, you have to ask yourself why do you dislike this product so much? I\'ve seen so much bashing here lately and I really think it\'s unfair although I know everyone is entitled to speaking their opinions. If you have something to say, call Nemesys and tell them what the problem is. I seem to always get through to a tech guy on the phone most of the time, if not I email them and always get a response within 2 days.
    I agree that VST or DirectX would be an absolute plus for Gigastudio, but I have a feeling that their next version will support this. Have faith my brothers!

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    Re: Take them over

    On Ego Sys homepage I found:
    GIGAWIRE enable the routing the Gigasampler 8 ch. Output to ASIO driver input in real time. You can record Gigasampler output into Cubase or use DSP effeter of VST on Gigasampler output in real time. This is available only by E-WDM Driver by EGO SYS to allow users to mix the Gigasampler output in Cubase without any external mixer.

    Not bad, or what do you think...

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    Re: Take them over

    I agree with all of you really. I just think that integration into what seems to be common standards should be the next step forward. As I\'ve mentioned elsewhere in these forums, it seems to me that integration into a sequencer is a must for composers.
    The first step would be to make GS a VSTi which would be great.
    The second step would be to enhance the VSTi interface to allow sequencers to drive an instrument in non-real time and buffer the audio output, thus free-ing up polyphony. This - as a developer myself - would be the logical step forward. Polyphony is currently only limited because most systems only \'play\' a note when you want to hear a song and click \'play\' on your sequencer. IMO this will chance in the next few years and it seems sensible for sequencer makers to intelligently take a track of midi and send it to the device whilst the composer is twiddling his thumbs and generate an audio track for that \'in advance\'. This would give the composer virtually infinite polyphone and audio tracks, since there is no reason why the sequencer cannot take the step further and combine the buffered audio data for those tracks that it decides are \'frozen\' into a single audio image. It is all about the sequencer becoming more intelligent and doing more work when you\'re not challenging it too much. After all, disk space is cheap... who cares if the sequencer creates a load of audio buffers?
    However, for this to happen, Nemesys will have to integrate more closely to what is becoming the accepted standard... e.g. VSTi.
    Other than that... great! Just not sure whether the Gigastudio idea is the right one, becuase you\'re expanding into the world of Cubase etc. which is a well trodden and well respected (well? path. Maybe better off concentrating on the primary product and getting that right.
    But I agree... it\'s all a world away from my old Korg DSS-1

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    Re: Take them over


    although cool, alot of your suggestion seems more applicable to another forum (STEINBERG, or CAKEWALK). surely the ideas you have voiced are in the domain of these companies product development.
    i think, unless nemesys add a sequencer to their giga products, most users are primarily concerned with the here and now of a brilliant soft sampler integrating tightly with a sequencer. more pressingly in nemesys\' domain is the desperate need to fully integrate the instrument editor into the workspace interface. this is something which they could do very soon, i hope, and will transform gigastudio from a sample playing device into a fully fledged sampler, with editing on the fly possible.

    i think we should forget the idea that gigastudio is in someway in competition with things like rebirth, reason, or reality... these things are just toys. gigastudio is much more the domain of professional sound, perhaps a little more like reaktor. as such we shouldn\'t ask them to break their own back just to become some VST toy. i\'d rather have a standalone sampling heavyweight linked to my sequencer via ASIO or WAVE or whatever.

    I think it\'s cool that we all remember that there are an awfull lot of soft samplers out there but the reason why we\'re all gathered here... is cos they weren\'t good enough. hence the arrival of a couple more, though exciting, could just be two more sampling toys.

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