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Topic: Anyone use or try Cakewalk FX3 reverb?

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    Anyone use or try Cakewalk FX3 reverb?

    I read that this was supposed to be a pretty good software reverb. Can anyone comment on it if they have it?
    Unfortunately I can\'t afford a really good reverb right now (Lexicon or TC). I\'m mainly wanting to use the Cakewalk FX3 reverb for simulating an orchestra hall the best I can.

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    Re: Anyone use or try Cakewalk FX3 reverb?

    I have FX3 not being able to afford the more expensive toys as well. I think it is a great tool for simulating orchestra halls. The quality is equal to or better than SB Live card which has gotten better reviews than NFX. In addition, it is very fast for manipulating instrument locations in a hall setting and getting faster control of the desired result. You can get lost in using mutliple instances of FX3 to place each wave file in a slightly separate location on a virtual stage. Quite fun. There are some annoying GUI aspects to the program, but overall, I think an extremely solid value for the money.


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